Our mission is to provide service that has both affordability and excellence, made possible by continuous professional development and genuine customer relationship.


Guided by our core values, we envision to bring financial growth to our clients and a positive change to the industry as a whole.

Core Values

Competence and Due Care
Client Confidentiality

Back Office helps small and medium-sized businesses increase their efficiency and improve profitability. Our goal is to help you find highly educated and skilled employees in a low-cost country – something that only large companies have had access to before. We are with you all the way in the process.

Tim F. Nilsen

CEO, Back Office AS

Back Office staff are duly licensed Certified Public Accountants in the Philippines.

Each candidate is carefully selected through extensive testing, multi-level interviews with strict minimum qualifications.

In addition to Accounting knowledge, all Back Office AS staff also come with technological expertise, multi-lingual skills and cultural flexibility for a smooth transition to client working environment.

Maria Carmela B. Labasan
Administrative Manager, Back Office AS


Back Office AS has partnered with a well-established outsourcing company in Davao to ensure access to a ready pool of qualified and experienced Certified Public Accountants.

All applicants undergo progressive screening stages of interview and testing to select only the most suitable of candidates for training.

We set high minimum requirements for English Language Proficiency, Computer Literacy, Educational Attainment and IQ Levels.

In addition, the applicants also complete Personality and Temperament Testing to enable us to find the perfect trainee that will fit seamlessly into our client’s office environment.

Finally, Back Office AS also utilizes a Resourcefulness Test, specifically designed to highlight applicants having the initiative to learn and function independently, with as little supervision as possible -an indispensable trait in any employee.

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Professional Qualification

In addition to being licensed CPAs in the Philippines, Back Office AS Outsourced Accountants have extensive work experiences in a diversity of accounting relevant fields which includes bookkeeping, ledger reconciliations, internal audit, external audit, finance and taxation.

Our Philippine staff are legally mandated to engage in Continuing Professional Development, units for which they can earn from relevant trainings and seminars on International Accounting Standards, Ethics and even Customer Service.

Back Office AS Outsourced Accountants have what it takes to help your business grow. Hire one now!

Skill Competencies

What sets a Back Office AS Outsourced Accountant apart from your average regnskapsfører is the presence of a unique set of skill competencies that makes them highly moldable to client specific needs.

They have excellent English Language Skills and working knowledge of Bokmål, the latter of which is gained through a dedicated Norsk Language Training Module.

Our staff are comfortable with the latest program technologies, easily able to adapt and contribute to necessary changes in client routine.

The learning curve of our Outsourced Accountants improve rapidly with minimal effort from their client counterparts which is directly attributable to their innate resourcefulness and independence.

Hire, mold, discover… Unwrap your company’s hidden potential with a Back Office Outsourced Accountant. Contact us.

Work Culture

Being Filipinos, Back Office AS Outsourced Accountants are naturally hard-working, persistent and maintain a positive attitude towards difficulties.

These qualities ensure that client tasks are delivered efficiently and without compromise in form nor quality.

Our staff enjoy yearly team-building activities designed to encourage and motivate as well as flexible time schedules that allow them to meet the seasonal workload needs of our clients.

When you hire a Back Office AS Outsourced Accountant, your company will be earning while you sleep!

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